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Cat Couzens

Emotional Wellbeing Coach and Therapist


Due to Cat's experiences with anxiety in her own children she decided to find a way to reduce stress and calm their systems.   Cat was introduced to EFT (emotional freedom technique) and was blown away by the success it had on her own children and the fact that they loved it.  As a result Cat decided to embark on the multiple levels of EFT training and become a practitioner herself, adding in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) also.   Using EFT Cat cleared some of her own childhood trauma and has felt lighter and clearer ever since.

Cat is passionate about EFT and works with adults and children with amazing results, helping them feel empowered with a tool they can use to take back control of their mind and body.

Cat also works with a not-for-profit organisation, The Happiness Foundation,  so that this support, therapy and treatment can be accessible to the wider community and those who can't fund it themselves. 

"Cat has an incredibly understanding and caring nature, so you feel immediately connected on an emotional level. I felt completely relaxed in her hands and her soothing voice and humour made it easy to work through the tapping sessions. She took me back to places in my life where I had no control over events. She helped me see why these things weren’t my fault and that not being in control of my feelings feeds my anxiety”