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Barbara Mastropirro

Kinesiologist, Geomancer & Intuitive Mentor


Barbara uses Kinesiology to help her clients to find the root causes and treatments to use for the imbalances that manifest at physical level, such as digestive issues, adrenals fatigue, electro-sensitivity. Barbara also advocates Geomancy, which goes hand in hand with Kinesiology. It is balancing the earth energies in homes, offices, and lands. These imbalances, called Geophatic stress, can create serious health hazards and problems and affect the immune system, preventing the body to heal. Barbara’s new speciality is becoming “Geophatic Stress and Electrosensitivity” She also teaches Kinesiology to therapists who want to have another modality to their current ones aswell as to those who simply want to learn an effective way to help their friends and family.

I have seen Barbara as my Kinesiologist personally several times and have been stunned by her accuracy in determining what is going on for me with regard to my general health and more specifically, the impact of my life and eating habits on my internal organs and emotions. I have as a result taken a number of my clients – both children and adults for sessions with Barbara and what her assessments have revealed have been nothing short of astounding. She has named issues with each, about which she knew absolutely nothing, in the greatest detail and her recommendations for rectifying health imbalances, have produced amazing results. She helped one of my young clients to return to full health and to school full time, in just three weeks, when she had been unable to go to school for much of the previous 8 months and the hospitals could not work out how to help her get better. I have no hesitation in recommending Barbara to any of my clients, friends or family. She has a wonderful way with people of all ages and is genuinely interested in getting to the bottom of whatever might be going on for each and then making really helpful recommendations for healing any issues she has unearthed. She cares, genuinely, for each and every client. Even my GP is now interested to follow her work with me, because she has been so surprised by her accurate findings. Can’t say better than that