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Anneke Thordsen

Mindset and Success Consultant


Anneke is a mindset and success consultant and former EY assurance partner with over 30 years experience successfully reframing leadership, service delivery, team efficiency, and personal effectiveness challenges for both corporate and private clients.  

Following her passion for empowering others, she combines her corporate success, mindfulness training, and extensive experience in the area of neuro-integration, to offer a practical real-time approach to mindful leadership, performance enhancement, and personal well-being,  powerfully connecting clients to their intuitive abilities and unlimited potential.  

Before devoting most of her time to creating and delivering self-awareness and mindful leadership programs, she was with EY South Africa for 15 years (1991-2006) leading a number of the firm's major accounts as assurance partner.  She played a key role in the firm's business risk management and workplace effectiveness.  Anneke's personal journey from imposter syndrome and personal overwhelm to mental freedom is a key motivating factor for her work as a mindset and success consultant, helping others achieve success despite challenging circumstances, transforming self-limiting beliefs and paradigms into winning opportunities.   Insights taken from her personal journey of growth as well as working with some of the world's foremost well-being and success experts are sought after by high-performance teams and individuals from all walks of life.  Her clients have included dynamic and high achieving executives and professionals living with the challenge of balancing success, relationships, and overall well-being and happiness.  Apart from her professional services background, she is an Educational Kinesiologist with focus on stress reduction through neuro-integration, a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and Chopra Center Meditation Instructor.  She is trained in Optimal Brain Profiling and is in the Positive Intelligence Coach Program with Shirzad Chamine, developer of the Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness program, a groundbreaking and influential business mindfulness program delivered to tens of thousands of CEOs and their executive teams, high-performance athletes, and Stanford students.

"Your combination of experience in the corporate world, over layered with a strong sense of reflection and self-awareness is extremely motivating to anyone who meets you. It's a unique position and perspective!"