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Anna Percy-Davis

Career Coach


Anna Percy-Davies is a leading Executive and Careers Coach and Trainer. 


Anna specialises in mindset, motivation, confidence and communication. Anna has a first class degree in Economics and Psychology, a foundation training in Psychotherapy and trained in coaching atThe Coaches Training Institute.

“Anna Percy-Davis is a skilled and intuitive executive coach who knows
exactly how to reach and unlock the full potential of her clients. In one-to-one sessions she helps me to cut through the relentless noise and distractions that come with running a busy company, so that I can find solutions to my problems and figure out my priorities. In a recent workshop that she ran for me and my co-CEO, she expertly focussed our thinking, leaving us surprised by the productivity of our strategy session. Time spent with Anna is time well spent for you and your business.”
Matt Grech-Smith, CEO Institute of Competitive Socialising