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Anna Anderson

Health and Life Coach


Anna helps women transform from a dieting mentality to fully being in their power and loving who they are; she doesn't believe weight is the problem - but believe it is a symptom of something deeper.

Anna's journey was one where she dieted, drank, ate and looked externally for gratification and happiness.  She was a single Mum who hit burnout, didn't love herself and was really depressed...She transformed her life through yoga, learning to love who she was, changing her internal self-talk and transforming the way she ate - Anna is now passionate about taking this to other women.

There are millions of women stuck in the diet mentality, thinking it is their fault, thinking it is about willpower and not living their life with happiness, health and joy as they are meant to...Anna's passion is to help as many women as possible liberate themselves from being stuck and living their life as they are meant to - with passion and purpose.

Anna has recently become a published author with her book "From the Inside Out".  A wonderful book dedicated to guiding other women through the same empowering transformation, teaching an alternative to dieting that includes self-acceptance and love while nurturing the body, mind and soul.

“I feel mentally clearer, I have less anxiety, I’m sleeping better, And I’ve lost over a stone in weight! I’m not having headaches every day, I’m not as stressed as I was, and I really feel that this is something I can maintain. I’m so excited! If this is what I can achieve with Anna’s help in just 8 weeks…what can I achieve in a few months?!” Claire B.