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Anele Griessel

Occupational Therapist


When parents start to understand their own and their child's sensory preferences and needs, then children start to understand their own sensory profiles. Small changes at home and at school have resulted in the children being more engaged, happy and less anxious. For clients (parents) this has had personal benefits in understanding why some things are energising and others are tiring or making them feel overwhelmed.

Anele has worked in this field for the past 20 years, but has realised that there is a greater need for parents to understand their own sensory preferences and the impact this has on their relationships at home and also at work.

This area of work has recently seen Anele being offered opportunities in the corporate world for exploring sensory preferences of adults in the workplace and how small changes can make a difference to wellbeing and productivity.

Anele has helped me explore my sensory preferences and how to make small adjustments at home to connect with my family. We also worked together and looked at my productivity patterns working from home. Thank you for helping improve home and work life with simple practical ways to feed my sensory self. Amy M