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Aga Kehinde

Integrative Health Coach


Aga helps her clients to navigate their way through a crisis; this can be a medical crisis, personal crisis related to a major life changing event, current and past traumas, or professional/ business related crisis, patterns of behaviours or limited beliefs that are stopping them from being successful. Simply put, she helps people to make sense of what’s happening and helps to navigate them through it.

Aga uses multiple techniques like NLP, EFT, mindfulness and compassionate centre approaches to firstly make them feel safe and establish lost order (psychological, emotional or spiritual). Then through coaching create the space needed for learning and adapting to their new reality

After working with Aga her clients feel safe, empowered, at peace and simply happy with whatever their new reality is.

I have recently had a number of weekly sessions, and quite frankly I am very surprised as to how good the whole process was and the benefits it has given me in a relative short period of time. It has enabled me to unblock some very engrained negative thinking and has provided me with renewed energy and vigour. I'm not sure I understand how it works but again perhaps I should not overthink it. For me it has honestly made a huge transition possible....Aga really can't thank you enough or recommend you highly enough.