We are the Well+Life+Tribe.

Together, we are a passionate community of wellness experts with varied skills.


Our purpose is to bring you a network of

wellness experts who can help you feel good inside and out. We want you to thrive and we know one size does not fit all. 


Our panel members offer a wider range of experts such as Doctors, Nutritionists, Psychologists, Mediation teachers, Divorce strategists, Therapists, Sustainable stylists, Health Coaches, Life Coaches, Holistic Vets

and more.

We all share a common goal: We want to help you on your journey to live a more holistic lifestyle in good health in mind and body.

Mission Statement & Values

We are not one, not two... but a Tribe. Your Tribe. Built on passion, love and experience.


Together, we become a movement in the wellness landscape of our lives and our aim is to make you valuable to yourself.


We all have habits, positive or otherwise. We will help you understand them and guide you with alterations needed for a life full of purpose and passion. A life that allows you to thrive.

we are passionate  we are authentic  we are a team

Kat Vitou

Walking Think Tank and Founder

I'm a Health Coach and Life Coach, Marketer and a walking think tank!


My goal is to change attitudes for good, so people are no longer taking conscious steps to live a healthy life... they're just doing it instinctively.

I am passionate about people living well, making them feel good, and helping them feel like they are enough. If I can be the one who makes them thrive then I am hitting my goal.

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Deena Dawes

The Dabbler and MD

My background is in software within financial services and utilities, but I've always dabbled, having tried  EFT, fasting and fermenting to name a few.

I'm now training in Quantum Energy Coaching and loving it!

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Liberty Basnett

Ambassador & Presenter

I joined the Tribe looking to make a positive change for my whole family.

I'm passionate about teaching others to live well, physically and mentally, and to rise to the challenge of environmental issues with optimism.

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Karen Cox

Executive Assistant

I have more than 20 years of experience in advertising sales, and now look forward to my career in health and fitness.

For me, life is about balance. Little by little, we can achieve our goals, helped with love and laughter.

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Kat brought a wealth of knowledge and advice, which she expertly moulded to suit our staff.

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