We are the Well+Life+Tribe.

A community of wellness entrepreneurs and professionals with the

expertise and commitment to help you live a more balanced lifestyle.

We are real people, with real life experiences who want to help you thrive in life.  We want to raise awareness of the range of wellness services, methods and tools out there.

From Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Coaches, Energy Healers, Fitness Experts, Functional Medicine Doctors, GPs, Homeopaths, Meditation Teachers, Reflexologists, Reiki Masters, Personal Confidence Stylists, QEC Practitioners, Therapists, Virtual Assistants to Yoga Teachers... the Tribe is made up of genuine people from all walks of life.  


And we are all here for you in your wellness journey!

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If you are a wellness professional with passion and a real drive to help people improve their lives, apply here to join our panel.  




Well+Life+Tribe was founded by Kat Vitou, and soon after was joined by Deena Dawes.  


Kat and Deena are supported by a wonderful team of contributors to the Business.


Kat helped me through Strictly Come Dancing when I was training for eight hours a day, and needed to eat wholesome and healthy food and look after myself. 


She made a tailored menu of delicious seasonal food, and that meant I would get the full amount of nutrients

I needed to stay well throughout the competition. 

I would recommend Kat to anyone; she knows how to coach, listen and keep you feeling balanced.


Her food and knowledge of health is amazing!

>  Louise Redknapp