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From Health Coaches, to Yoga Teachers and Therapists...


The Tribe is made up of genuine people from all walks of life, who are here for you in your wellness journey.


Kat helped me through Strictly Come Dancing when I was training for eight hours a day, and needed to eat wholesome and healthy food and look after myself. 


She made a tailored menu of delicious seasonal food, and that meant I would get the full amount of nutrients

I needed to stay well throughout the competition. 

I would recommend Kat to anyone; she knows how to coach, listen and keep you feeling balanced.


Her food and knowledge of health is amazing!

>  Louise Redknapp


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We listen to our members, and they love what we share but they want that bit more. Not only tips on how to make the small changes that make a big difference but more guidance on how to practically implement change

in their lives. 


And so we are thrilled to announce just that!  A group dedicated to sharing the nuggets of wisdom from experts that will make your life that much better!

This will be your space!  A place where you can be you, where you can learn from the Well+Life+Tribe and our Panel of Experts, where useful content is shared weekly and you will have access to health coaching .


This is your community - a community that will inspire you to make positive changes, motivate you to keep on going and ultimately thrive in your life.

We love to collaborate! 

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